How Prevent Your Dirty Laundry From Being Hacked

We’ve all heard of an incident where a celebrity’s account was hacked and their nudes pictures are leaked. This happened in full a few months ago, where many female celebrities had their accounts hacked and their indecent pictures were leaked for the world to see. To many, it was an outrage.

However, it can happen to almost anyone. With celebrities, it can give them publicity, and everyone dirty-laundry-hacked-01forgets about it in a couple weeks. With the common folk, however, it can ruin your life if it happens to you.

Your reputation, career, and dignity can be put into jeopardy, and all because someone hacked into your account. This does not just apply to nudes pictures, but important documents as well. With that said, here are a few ways to make sure that you don’t get hacked.

Watch What’s On Your Account

Some people get mad when you tell them that they shouldn’t have those photos on there in the first place, and they have a point. Blaming the victim is just rude. However, just like keeping your belongings in a safe place instead of out in the open, there are ways to prevent that.

One way is to clear your phone or other hackable storage of any incriminating pictures or files. You have to remember that just because they say your phone, cloud storage, or social media account is safe, it doesn’t mean that it will be. For instance, Snapchat destroys your photo after a few seconds, but it’s easy to retrieve if the receiver is quick enough to screencap.

If you’re going to have files on your phone, be sure to encrypt them. However, the best way is to put all your files on a storage device and store it safely. Whether it’s a disc, flash drive, or computer without Internet access, you’re guaranteed safety with your files if you keep them locked down.

Use a Strong Password

With many of these photo leaks, people thought that it was because the cloud storage was weak and easy to hack. However, many of the hackers got in because the usernames, passwords, and security questions were easy to guess. So if you’re going to keep your stuff on accounts that can be hacked into, your best way of protection is to keep your passwords as secure as possible. There are many apps that can help you to get a great password, one of them being LastPass, but there are plenty of tips as well.

Make sure that your password has plenty of capital letters and numbers. Center your password around something that only you could know. Don’t do a public hobby to base your password on. Do not use your name. These things should be common sense, but sadly, they aren’t. Also, never give your password out to anyone. Think about it this way. Would you tell most people your credit card number? Of course not.So why a password?

Use Two-Factor Authentication

What is two-factor authentication? It creates another layer of security to any account that has the support for it. Not only do you need your password for this, but you also need to have a code from your phone, something you should have on you at all times. It’s a bit annoying, but it gives you even more security. So if someone guesses your password, they still won’t know the code.

There are a few apps that allow you to generate codes, one of them being Authy. One website called tells you the sites that have that compatibility. Also, check with your bank or retail sites to see if they offer it.

Monitor All Your Accounts

Any social media account can change their settings on a whim. Facebook does this often, so check your privacy settings every now and then. Look at your apps too and see if there aren’t any dubious apps you’ve installed. If you don’t use any, or you see any that’s unfamiliar, get rid of them. It’s not worth the risk.

Make sure you aren’t sharing anything too private on Facebook either. Check to see if only the people on your friends list can see it, monitor social network 02and make sure not to add people you wouldn’t trust. If you want to, Facebook has the ability to view your profile as other people. Click the three dots menu close to View Activity Log, then click “View As” to see what your profile looks to other people.

Also, you can Google yourself too. If you see too many personal details about yourself, look at the site it’s on and find a way to eliminate the problem. The first few results are especially important.

Also, monitor all outgoing messages on every site and email you have. Sometimes, hackers send out messages without you knowing. For instance, you’ve probably seen someone on Facebook have their profile hack and they spam other people’s posts and whatnot. They don’t know until someone told them. Make sure your account doesn’t post anything without your consent, and you should be good.


These are just a few tips that you can use to prevent anyone from stealing your personal information. If you’re not rich or famous, the odds of someone stealing from you are unlikely. But not impossible, mind you. Your enemies, so-called “friends,” and people looking to scam can all target you at the blink of an eye. Store your belongings in a place that can’t be hacked, or just use some heavy-duty encryption to decrease your chances of someone hacking into you. And make sure your passwords are strong. Remember, it takes one person with hacking capabilities to ruin your life. All you need to do is to make sure you’re secured to avoid such an incident.

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